Hey you rad person who happened upon this blog. DDPP Guelph is no longer, but it could be revived if you’re interested!

What is DDPP? Check out http://www.dancedancepartyparty.com for more information. And if you’re interested in bringing your energy and enthusiasm to this chapter – write to: ddppchicago[at]gmail[dot]com 



Happy GIRL POWER day!!

It’s here…it’s here!!  It’s DDPP Guelph’s GIRL POWER day!!

We’re excited to FINALLY be back on schedule and dancing tonight.  It’s been tough summer for DDPP Guelph but we have good feelings for the months ahead! 

Hope you can make it out tonight…a full recap and more frequent posts to follow after tonight.




OK…so we’re a bit bummed that we had to cancel this month BUT, we’re super pumped for next month’s GIRL POWER DDPP!!

It’s all about your moms, daughters, sisters and girlfriends – so bring them all!  We’re starting at 7:30pm and will end at 9pm.  Be sure to bring some water, and wear comfie clothes – you will def. sweat!

See you then!


Bad News Bears…we’ve got to cancel for tonight.

We only had a few people confirm attendance and a couple people cancelled this morning so we’re going to cancel Sounds of Summer tonight.

Sorry for the short notice and the inconvenience…I’m bummed – I was looking forward to it…I guess I will have to dance around in my kitchen instead.

Hope you can make it August 11 – be sure to RSVP!!

Sounds of Summer

Well it is officially summer time in Guelph…how do I know this?  Aside from the calendar and the warm weather reminding me, I am in the season of festivus.  There have been so many festivals – Multicultural, church bazaars, Canada Day fireworks at Riverside, festival Italiano (this weekend) – it’s my favourite time of year because who doesn’t love sitting outside, chilling with a frosty bev and listening to those classic summer anthems they always seem to play at these events.  They are the Sounds of Summer and we’re going to be celebrating them in style at our next DDPP on Monday!

You’ve got your summer standards, like Bryan Adams – Summer of 69, Don Henly and Boys of Summer…of course the grand daddies of summer tunes, the Beach Boys – BUT, I know there must TONS more out there.  Remember, your highschool days – cruising around Sauble Beach or Wasaga Beach – tunes blaring, windows down…checking out all the guys while you’re driving slow and dancing in the back seat?  (Ok this post just took a super cheesy turn and now looks like a scene from an after school special…but I digress…) 

The moral of this story is…Send us your favs and then come dance like crazy this Monday!  Oh ya and bring the girls too!

off the planet?

No we haven’t fallen…off the planet.

It’s been SOOO hectic…but it’s all good.  Mel and Nichole are in Bermuda right now..JEALOUS…but we’re still getting ready for another DDPP on Juy 7th. 

We’re exploring some possible partnerships and the idea of hosting DDPP more often…but we need feedback.  If this is something you’d be interested in – let us know!!  This is all about you gals – so be sure to let us know what’s on your mind and what you want to see with DDPP.  Don’t forget to send your requests to us at ddppguelph@yahoo.ca.

Hope you’re having a great day!


It’s been soooo long!!

It feels like a hundred years or so since our last DDPP in Guelph…BUT it’s almost time to dance our hearts out again!!

We’ll be dancing this Monday at the Victoria Road Rec. Centre – upstairs…last month we had a great time and DJ Jenn kept us moving all night.  Don’t forget to send your requests to ddppguelph@yahoo.ca.

See you there!